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Our main market is selling Purebred Registered Show Quality stud stock to future breeders. We also offer  super quiet, halter trained highland and highland x steers to hobby farmers and BnB Owners.

Stud Stock

Please be careful: A lot of scammers have been using our facebook and website photos to scam people into buying fake highlands. I ask all potenitial buyers to visit the farm and my highlands to ensure you and the highland are the best possible fit.

If someone is asking for a deposit first, its not Vagabond Highlands, its a scam.

Our highlands are also not cheap but if you consider they will be with you for 20+ years its worth investing in the very best fit for you. All stud stock are born and bred in Queensland for Queensland conditions. Purebred Registered animals will be paddock friendly, vaccinated with full animal husbandry records and registered with the Australian Highlands Cattle Society., The point of difference for our cattle is we breed for temperment  above all else so every weaner calf will be fully halter trained with all the hard work done so you can just enjoy them. When you buy a Vagabond Highland animal, you don’t need to know everything about cattle, just a willingness to learn. Each highland comes with ongoing support including the opportunity to come out to the farm and learn all the skills you need as well as phone support post sale to help in any way you need.

Remember cattle are herd animials so you will need to own atleast two (both don’t need to be highland). You will also need a simple set of cattle yards to undertake animal husbandry, adequite fencing, feed and water and a PIC number. Jules is happy offer advice if requested.

We currently have some purebred registered steer or bull calves $12,000 to $18 000+GST. All will be weaned at about 6-9 months fully vaccinated and halter trained. When we do sell Heifers and Cows they are usually $20,000 to $25 000 +GST.

Please contact us for more details.

Black Bullet

Vagabond highland cows

Black Bullet was awarded Champion Bull calf at the Royal Toowoomba Show 2024. Judges comments included length of body and beautiful neck extension. He was born on the 4th of August 2023. He is purebred and registered with the Australian Highland Cattle Society  No 10276. He looks unique compared to our other highlands as his father Skye High Cornerstone was bred in America for the US Highland Society. He is significantly bigger than the other boys his age but is so gentle with super long eye lashes. He would be great for someone who would like a big gentle giant with huge horns. Can be steered to make the perfect pet or kept as a bull if you’d like to breed larger framed highlands.  Asking $15k +GST  negotiable if you buy another Vagabond Highland Animal.

Prince Harry


Prince Harry was awarded 2nd in the 6-12 months category of the Royal Toowoomba Show 2024. Judge’s comments included straight topline, length of hip and shoulder profile made for easy of calving. Prince Harry was born on the 17th of August 2023 and is purebred and registered  AHCS no 10275. He was the cutest little calf with a red tinge around his eyes. He has developed into a very docile 6 month old bull with the cutest floppy ears. He love to snuggle up and is always at my side. He is fully halter trained, vaccinated for 7 in 1 and will be ready for pick up after the Toowoomba Show. He could be used as a stud bull but would be also ideal as a steer for first time cattle owners or BnB owners. Showing him will allow him to be used to strangers coming up and interacting with him and have him used to loud noises which he performed perfectly at in the Junior Judge competition where over 100 teenagers surrounded him. His mum is Shaddow, one of our old animal nursery highlands and his sire is Gryphon of Glenstrae (an AHCS National Champion Bull winner).  Asking $15+GST significantly negotiable if purchased with another vagabond animal.

Paddock Stock

Our paddock stock consists of purebred unregistered highlands, cross bred highlands and a few special rare breed Sussex. They are used to being put through the cattle yards and handled by us. Most people who buy our paddock stock are first time farmers who would like to learn on cattle with all the hard work already done before buying the purebred registered stock..

We currently have some cross bred highland calves for sale when they are weaned at about 6-9 months fully vaccinated and halter trained. Please contact us for more details.



Jaffa the friendly Highland x steer. He was born on the 18h Septemeber 2022. His dad is my purebred miniature highland bull and his mum is my all time favourite sussex cow Cadbury. He will become hairy in winter. He is weaned, halter trained and walk up and cuddle friendly. He is fully vacinated for 7 in 1 and tickfever.  He would make the perfect pet for someone just starting out in Highlands and he has the beautiful horns without the pricetag. We just adore Jaffa and if not sold, we will keep as a companion for our bull. Discounted to $3,000 +GST

Maz, Tori and Roo


Pregant with Highland x babies.

Maz and Tori are 2 of our Sussex cows who are in calf to our purebred registered Highland Bull. They will produce offspring similar to Jaffa. Sussex are a rare British breed that my grandfather originally bred them many years ago. I purchased these girls from my uncle a few of years ago as I thought they would make a good cross with excellent temperment. I would guess their age is about 6. When crossed with my purebred highland bull they produce the most amazing red coloured animals (usually with white tails). They come out horned or polled. I usually sell the calves to hobby farmers and BnB owners however I’ve decided to now specialise in purebred highlands only. Both Tori and Maz have been running with my highland bull and will be preg tested in calf prior to pick up. They are paddock cows and not halter trained like my purebreds but easily move through the cattle yards. They could be used as future recips. 

Roo was one of my recip cows and produced a beautifiul heifer calf which unfortunately got attached by a dog. I had prepped her ready  for her next embryo transfer and she was deamed A grade but I’d put my last embryo in an angus cow. She would be an ideal recip again or I could put her with my bull if you wish. They are not halter trained like my purebreds. The calves in these photos are of their last year’s babies.

Asking $4000 +GST each.  Significantly discounted to $3500 +GST if you buy all three




Petal was born on the 6th August 2023. She is weaned but only half halter trained. Her training will resume when we wean our heifer keeper calves in a month’s time. Being highland cross she is polled (no horns). She would be the perfect weaner for someone just starting out in cattle and looking for a fully halter trained animal to learn on. Taking deposits now. Asking $5,000 +GST





Mia was bought as part of my journey into embryo tansfer. She was to be one of my recips (surrogates).  She was born on the and was in perfect condition however I ran out of highland embryos which left Mia and my sussex cow Roo without embryos. She has been full vaccinated for 7 in 1, tick fever, pesti, vibrio etc as required to be a recip.  I chose angus x friesian as they are very fertile, have a good milk supply and are great mums. She would be an ideal future recip or I am happy to put with my purebred highland bull if you prefer. I would keep these girls but don’t think I’ll do a further embryo transfer in the next 12 months.

Asking $4000+GST or $3500+GST if you buy another highland animal.


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