Vagabond Highlands

At Vagabond highlands we strive to breed exceptional Highland Cattle with the best temperament and genetics in Australia. There are several animals available for sale right now.

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For Sale

The following items are for sale through Vagabond Highlands. All cattle have a very quiet and friendly temperament. If currently unavailable, please contact us to be put on waitlist.

Toowoomba Show

Stud Stock


Paddock stock

Paddock Stock




Highland beef, horns & hides

About Vagabond Highlands

Vagabond Highlands is located on 300 acres of hill and flood-plain country along the Western creek in Southeast Queensland. They pride themselves on the quality of produce both in the quiet temperament of the cattle as well as the eco-sustainable environment in which the cattle are born and raised.

Why Highland Cattle?

Highland Cattle are exceptional animals. They can be bred in large herds for beef production or in small hobby farms who want unique pets. They have the following characteristics:

  • Intelligent
  • Even-tempered animal
  • Quiet enough to be halter-trained
  • Disease resistant
  • Long-horned & unusual in appearance
  • Does not stress easily
  • Beef fetches premium prices
  • Live up to the age of 20 with calving up to 18 years old

Our Cattle

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